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Mistakes to Avoid This Black Friday

Our Tech Super Saver Jonathan has a big interest in tech and works in the gaming industry. To keep up with his hobbies it is impossible for him to not have a keen eye for a deal.

As we limber up for Black Friday 2021, it is my duty as a Super Saver to balance the excitement with some caution. Remember, Black Friday gives customers the opportunity to make great savings. It doesn’t guarantee them.

I’ve put together a list of common mistakes to avoid on your quest for deals. Read up, get prepped, and shop smart!

Mistake #1 – Fail to prepare (prepare to fail)

There’s a good deal of admin that you could, and should, be doing before the big day itself. This will stop you from stressing, missing out, and going over-budget at crunch time. During the week before, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide your maximum spend
    I always need to set a rigid budget ahead of time because I know that I’ll feel trigger-happy in the moment.
  2. Know what you’re after and stick to it
    If you end up buying something that you didn’t want or need until you were dazzled by the discount, you’re not saving any money at all. No matter how cheap it is.
  3. Shop early
    Lots of retailers actually run Black Friday deals across multiple days for maximum exposure.

Mistake #2 – Go it alone

Far too many people rely on their own instinct and nous when shopping. I’m massively into my tech and my motto has always been “rely on the robots.” Make sure you have your price comparison site(s) booted up, your price alerts turned on, and an arsenal of money-saving browser extensions at the ready. Add-ons like Honey will help you save money all year round, and they're just as useful on Black Friday.

Mistake #3 – Shop on the side

If you try to shop while working, exercising, looking after the kids, or doing anything else that requires concentration, you’ll go wrong at some point. I once massively overpaid on postage because I wasn’t paying attention. You don’t multi-task in the supermarket, so give Black Friday the same respect.

I usually take a couple of hours in the morning to fully focus on browsing for the various things I’m interested in. Once I have the lie of the land, I go after specific items and start to whittle down my options.

Mistake #4 – Jump the gun

Don’t be panicked by a massive percentage saving – no retailer is slashing its prices for any reason other than to be competitive. Most things are unlikely to sell out in the five minutes it takes to shop around a little. Hold your nerve and double-check that you’re shopping in the right place.

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Jonathan Watts

1st November 2021

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