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How to get the best deals before Black Friday

Our Super Saver Laura is a freelance writer and blogger specialising in personal finance. Laura is the founder of Thrifty Londoner, a personal finance website where she uses her extensive knowledge to provide ideas and techniques on how to manage your money.

Always thought Black Friday was the one day of the year you could get the best price deals on pretty much anything? So did I… until recently! In fact, there are lots of chances to get the best price deals before (and even after) Black Friday. If you’re relying on Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts, food, and outfits, you might want to reconsider. Here’s why… 

Price history tracking and price alerts

Using the PriceSpy Price History feature, you can track the price history of a certain item over a period of time. For example, if you are looking to purchase a specific set of headphones, you could review the price history of the item to check the lowest price of the item over the past year. You can also check how the item was priced on Black Friday last year, and whether this was the lowest price. You’ll often find that the Black Friday price is not the best price!   

Using the Price Alerts feature on PriceSpy, you can set a price alert on the item so that you are notified when the item goes down to a certain price. For example, if the headphones went down to £80 at some point before Black Friday last year, you could ask PriceSpy to alert you when the headphones reach this price again this year. 

End of season sales

The end of season sales are currently in full flow. Because items might have been discounted for a number of weeks, they are now listed at rock bottom prices. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this for any non-seasonal Christmas gifts, personal shopping, or even shopping for next year. Organisation is key to ensuring that you get the best discounts ahead of Black Friday. 

Reduced seasonal goods in supermarkets

Boxes of chocolates, posh biscuits, crackers, sweet treats… these items are all currently stocked in supermarkets ready for Christmas. But did you know that supermarkets will periodically run promotional deals on these items all the way up until Christmas? 

As long as the item is in date, you could save money on Christmas food and drink by making the most of these promotional offers before December rolls around. Whether you’re hosting Christmas, purchasing foodie stocking fillers, or bringing booze to someone else’s Christmas party- this is a great time to swoop in and grab these products at a discount. 

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Laura Dempster

1st November 2021

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