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    Worst and most dishonest company I have ever dealt with(1 review)
    I purchased some software from this company. After a month of communication with the developers trying to get it to work on my 3 different high end computers (I am a retired Microsoft systems Engineer) they agreed a refund in writing. Coolshop from the beginning said unequivocally they would refund my money. A month after returning the software to coolshop and several emails (many ignored) they said they hadn't received the package. After sending them a proof of posting they admitted they had received it and said "A refund had been issued" and I would receive it within 7 days". Three weeks later I asked where my money was and they told me after 3 months of messing me around they won't give me a refund after all.Most bizarrely of all they said "it was against EU law to refund money on software/hardware that has been used". How the hell are you supposed find out if something works without using it ? If anyone from coolshop wants to dispute this I have very clear emails from them supporting every word I have said. If you really want to trust a company like this then go ahead but you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle by throwing your money down the drain.
      Mr K(1 review)
      Ordered an XBOX one in November, it arrived not working, sent it back royal mail special delivery, which they have accepted back. 4 months later they are not responding to my emails for a full refund, absolute criminals. Im going to contact the police, trading standards and my bank...... i cant believe they think they can get away with this. Not a UK company, sent them several emails, they are obviously a CON website, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.
        Mrs C(1 review)
        Appalling customer service. After a month of emails about being sent the wrong item they have yet to acknowledge that my rights have been breached or offer a refund. There is no telephone customer service number and they take over a week to respond to emails. Avoid.
          Gosia(1 review)
          I bought a car seat from them a while ago and my baby did not like it so I wanted to return it to coolshop in normal return process. They emailed me a rwturn label via royal mail, however when I took my parcel to royal mail depo they refused to accept the return as the parcel is over 50x50. I have been told to contact the coolshop in order to return it by the courier or drop off point. I wrote two emails with no respoce. If they will not email me back withing 14 working days I will contact the trading standards.
            bernpricespy(1 review)
            Ordered on Friday, delivered on Monday! I was a bit reticent after reading other reviews, but went ahead due to the unbeatable price. I was delighted to receive the items I ordered so quickly. The only MINOR downside was the items came in jiffy bags which didn’t provide a lot of protection, allowing the packaging of the items inside to get a little scrunched. A nitpicking gripe to be fair. Great result!
              GMAC(1 review)
              Order placed and received a notification that the item had been despatched a few days later with a tracking reference. 2 weeks later and the item still hasn’t been received by the courier for onward delivery to me so clearly it hasn’t been despatched at all. I have since sent 2 emails to Coolshop asking for an update but no response from them. I would avoid this company.
                pissed of(1 review)
                this company is a load of rubbish tell you what you want to hear. like other poeple we thought was base in uk and told deilvery within 2 to 3 days days on and nothing tracking no such number been on to parcel people never heard of them so it a joke no goods and lots my money we are reporting them as i type this but please watch out thay talk a load of crap buy some where eles if i was you.
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                  Oli1715(1 review)
                  I ordered a game from here as they offered the best price... and then read the reviews. After being concerned for a couple of days that I would never receive the item, it turned up (on day 3) in perfect condition and as you would expect. I dont think they accept credit cards - at least they didnt accept my AMEX, and another user had a credit card issue. Other than that, I see no reason not to order through CoolShop again - based on this single experience :)
                    Unregisteredee9ad589(1 review)
                    A company with a U.K. Web address that is based outside the U.K. We purchased an item whilst we were on holiday abroad, their site clearly stated 2-3 days; nowhere on the 'ORDER' page did it state that the item would be coming from outside the U.K. The delivery timescale has now passed and still no item, even though the monies have been taken from our account. Originally the order said it was being delivered with DPD, this isn't the case as they have sent the item via the standard postal service, therefore we have no way of tracking our item. Had we known this item was coming from outside the UK, we would not have ordered from this company. We have sent many emails to their customer support, after the first email they asked us to fill in a postal claim form and that they would replace or refund. We did this and now they are saying they won't refund or replace until they have sent the claim for off and they have the claim back! This is rediculous, this company has had the form returned to them, completed and clearly stating that the item has not been received. Companies have cover under their insurance policy for loss or damage in transit, so they should refund us as soon as they received our completed form. This company hides the fact that they are 'OUTSIDE' the U.K. In their terms and conditions. They said that Amazon distribute from outside the U.K. And conduct business in the same way as Coolshop. This is not true, Amazon 'CLEARLY' state on their order page if an item is coming from 'OUTSIDE' the U.K. Or from an EU warehouse, they even name the seller and give a location, Amazon are transparent in their sales and 'DO NOT' hide facts within their terms and conditions. This company is now holding our monies for an unspecified period of time whilst they send the claim form off to the postal service. We now have to raise a disputed payment with our bank to get our monies back, costing us money in phone calls to our bank. So an item that was less expensive will now work out more expensive with the calls we have to make to our bank. All we wanted was a replacement, they won't even give us a replacement until the form has been submitted to the postal service for a claim submission. I have asked for a refund now and I won't be shopping with this company again. Poor customer service and poor after sales.
                      Meganekko(1 review)
                      3 orders so far and all of them have arrived quickly and in great condition. No complaints.
                        matadoro(1 review)
                        Having ordered a product the site failed at the last step and wouldn't accept my payment. This was using a VISA credit card, so nothing unusual there. There is no problem with the card as I use it all the time and have used it since the site was unable to process my payment. Also when I tried to use the online help chat I had a warning from my security software that it posed a high security risk due to virus infection. Thus I had to go through email to reach support which was very slow, and they were unable to help with my problem.
                        Reply by CoolShop:2016-10-04
                        Hi Matadoro Without having more details on what happened, I'll try to answer with the best of my abilities. If you have a non-UK issued card, then the payment is blocked automatically. We've received a bunch of concerned contacts from tourists who have had their card stolen and used in our store. Due to the amount, we had to put up the restriction to protect our customers, and those who have been unfortunate. It is also possible that if you have a foreign payment block setup on your own card, that the payment will be rejected. As the payment is directed to an international account, it is considered to be an outside UK transaction. We've haven't heard of the virus problem you mention before, but we would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with the details concerning the problem. You can always send us an email to info( a)coolshop.co.uk. The support program we use is outsourced, so we would have to contact the providers of the program regarding the issue.
                          arsenal69(1 review)
                          very good shop and price of things