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Make the most of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with a new TV & sound bar

Tune in to the World Cup in the best possible way with a bigger picture and better sound. It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to get a better TV and a good-sounding soundbar just in time for this year's big football event.

Photo: Vanit่jan, Adobe Stock

65-inch televisions are the new 55 inches

Get closer to the excitement with a bigger TV. You can get a large and high-quality model for watching sports as well as films and series - without choosing one of the really expensive models. Check if your favourite model is available in the shops so you can experience it with your own eyes before you buy.

Photo: Unsplash, Jan Bottinger

Great sound doesn't have to be expensive with a soundbar

Even a cheaper soundbar can make a big difference to the sound compared to what your TV can handle. In addition, a soundbar doesn’t take up a lot of space, even if you choose a model with an associated subwoofer. They don't sound as loud as a full-fledged surround system, but you’ll get a lot of sound for your money and also save a lot of space in your room.

Photo: Nubelson Fernandes, Unsplash

Keep the sound to yourself with wireless headphones

If you don't want to disturb everyone around you with the sound from your TV, we recommend a pair of comfortable, wireless headphones, preferably with noise reduction, which also allows you to watch the football completely undisturbed - regardless of how much noise is going on around you. Really good headphones are of course also suitable for films, series, music and gaming.

Photo: Nicolas J Leclercq, Unsplash

Stream the FIFA World Cup 2022 with a media player

A good media player can be the difference between a good and a bad World cup experience. If you want to stream the championship over the internet, it’s important that your television has the right apps - or that you have a media player that has them. A good media player has a remote control, supports 4K resolution and surround sound, and can stream directly from your mobile or tablet.

Photo: Philips

Light up your life with smart lighting

With smart lighting around your TV, you’ll have a nicer and more pleasant experience when you watch the FIFA World Cup. The room gets a lovely glow and it's nicer on the eyes even when it's dark in the rest of the room. You can easily control the lighting with your mobile phone or a regular remote control.

Text: Daniel Haaf

Published: 29 October 2022

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