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Sony Alpha A7C

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4 months ago*
I have a very hard time rating this camera. I already have an a7iii that I give 5/5 in grades but needed another camera for a video project. A7c has better video autofocus especially in beats and I also needed unlimited recording time that a7c offers. The problem is whether to use the camera for photography as well. The LCD screen is the same as in my a7iii ie. quite bad and it is difficult to see anything in direct sunlight so you should rely instead on EVF. But the EVF is simply unusable in a7c, you can hardly see anything through it. General ergonomics are worse. It is difficult to hold the camera in the hand for a longer period because the hand grip is not deep enough, Even after approx. 15 min run & gun in town it was hard. I think it's a good camera for someone who should use it only for video and hold it to a gimbal or something like that. Another thing that bothers me is the price. Recommended price is 1700 $ for a7c and 2000 $ for a7iii but for some reason a7c is much more expensive in Sweden than a7iii. I think this camera is definitely not worth SEK 23,000 and I would not buy it if I did not already have all the FE lenses I need for the project.
*Edited 4 months