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We want you to feel safe when shopping over the internet. That is why we show reviews from consumers on both products and shops.

We want you to feel safe when you shop online. One way to make it easier to find the right products and the best shops is to read reviews from other users.

Anyone who has a PriceSpy account can leave reviews on both products and shops. If you only want to read reviews, however, you don’t need an account with us.

Regardless of whether you have a good or bad experience of a product or online shop, others will appreciate that you share what you think.

Help us contribute to a smoother shopping experience for everyone by writing reviews!

🗣 Find out what other consumers think

✍🏻 By contributing you can help others

🏪 You can find reviews for both products and shops

Here are some examples of reviews you’d like to read before buying from an online shop!

Tips: Feel free to show your appreciation when you read a review that is helpful and informative. Give the review a thumbs up and you will tell both the writer and other consumers that you thought the content was really good!

This is how you write a really good product review

  • Write briefly and informatively. It is often enough with just a few lines of text that tell you what you think of a product.
  • Divide the review into clear sections so it’s easier to see what is positive, negative and worth mentioning.
  • Give examples of how a product has helped you in an actual situation. For example, how the new suitcase worked on your trip.

    Here you’ll get more tips on how to write good product reviews

This is what you should think about when writing a shop review

  • Write in detail about any problems so the reader gets a clear picture of what you are criticising when it comes to the shop.
  • You can update your previous reviews if you want. Maybe your bad shopping experience got much better after a conversation with customer service? Don’t forget to change your opinion and let everyone know!
  • What do you want to know yourself when you buy from a new shop? What is most important to you? Start from that when writing.

    Read our rules about shop reviews for more information

This is why we show shops with bad reviews

We want consumers to be able to form an opinion about all shops, regardless of whether their customers think they are good or bad.

The reason is simple. We want consumers to be able to form an opinion about all shops, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

This is not possible if we choose to hide shops that have bad reviews.

We believe in openness and that all shops should be able to respond to the criticism they receive. Even in our reviews on PriceSpy.

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