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These are the products we search the most for on Black Friday

Many new gadgets are price-monitored before this year’s biggest sales day. 

Daniel Haaf

5 November 2020

In this article, we’ll go through which products and categories most people want to monitor in Autumn 2020. It’s been an eventful year with many new gadget launches and therefore, it’s not surprising that we’ve noticed a great interest in both price-monitoring and lists of everything new on the market. 

Quick facts about price alerts and lists on PriceSpy

  • British consumers are good at monitoring prices, and products that have been launched but are not yet in stock
  • Several major launches in the graphics card and processor categories have increased the interest in price-monitoring
  • Almost 6 out of 10 products on the product lists are computer components

These products are the most frequently price-monitored prior to Black Friday

The list above shows the 20 most price-monitored gadgets in the UK right now. Out of these 20, at least 5 products are not yet in stock or have just been released.

These are gadgets that haven’t yet dropped in price and are excellent products to set up price alerts for, in time for upcoming campaigns. Two of the gadgets are the highly talked-about game consoles the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

As many as nine of the most price-monitored products are TVs. LG dominated the list with five models, followed by Samsung and Sony.

Computer components popular on product lists 

When it comes to product lists it’s once again TV’s that stand out from the crowd with as many as 7 different models. We also find the new generation game consoles, processors, and headphones on the lists. Perhaps it’s this year’s Christmas gifts that you want to keep an extra eye on?

Here we also see that Nvidia's latest graphics card has found its way into the top 20 list. The new Playstation 5 and Playstation 5 Digital Edition are included, but the Xbox Series X is noticeable by its absence. That game console comes  in 35th place.

Here are the 20 most added gadgets in product lists om PriceSpy in September and October.

Perhaps the most notable product added to lists on PriceSpy is the new Asus GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming graphics card. The entire RTX 3080-series has extremely limited availability right now with delayed delivery times until some time in 2021.

By broadening our overview, we can see that 36 out of the top 100 products in the product lists were a computer component or a computer accessory of some kind.

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